One-Liner Wednesday – When We Don’t Know What’s Going On

“Please, be kind, especially when we don't know what's going on.”Waymond Wang in Everything Everywhere All At Once. Since EEAAO is my new favorite movie, I decided this was a good one-liner, and they are good words to live by when everything is confusing and difficult. I found this One-Liner Wednesday prompt on Linda G.... Continue Reading →

I’m Tired

My family went on a long vacation, and when I came back 20 days ago, I was tired. Vacation is great but it can take a lot out of you. Actually, I have been tired since my son came back from camp, 45 days ago, and I thus had to start managing two kids rather... Continue Reading →

The Thing – Song Lyric Sunday

The theme of song lyric Sunday this week is novelty songs, so of course I have to go with my favorite “The Thing” written by Charles Randolph Grean and recorded by Phil Harris, who is recognizable to some as the voice of Baloo from Disney’s Jungle Book. The story in the song is that the... Continue Reading →

Everything Everywhere All At Once

I just got back from a vacation in Hawai’i and I have wonderful photos and memories, but as awesome as Hawaii was the first thing I have to share with you happened in the plane. I watched a movie. I watched it because the title was interesting “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” and once that... Continue Reading →

Redemption song

The other day I was doing a Shaka Guide tour in Maui with my family. (By the way I very highly recommend getting Shaka guides on your phone if you at heads to Hawai’i. They are inexpensive and wonderful!) During the tour a cover of Redemption Song came on and it reminded me how beautiful... Continue Reading →

Who is the authority?

The other day I was reading a blog post by Noah and I found something wonderful for me as a person with a chronic degenerative disease. The post was about Emet Tauber, who died a few years ago and was a pretty amazing person. There’s a lot to read in the post, but one thing... Continue Reading →

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